The kidney registry started in March 2011 to capture dialysis data from all hospitals in Lebanon that operate a dialysis unit. As of December 31, 2015 the number of centers who participated in the registry was 69 for a total of 4,496 patients. The registry is web based and can be accessed from anywhere.

Started in March 2011 Enrollment as of 08/12/2015:4,496Patients

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The kidney Registry website

This website is your portal to the electronic database of the kidney registry. The information provided will also guide you to express and pursue your research interests in nephrology. As data is collected and analyzed, annual summary reports of the national registry will be posted here. Data collection, analysis and publications are performed by a neutral research group to ensure complete confidentiality of individual patient and hospital information.


what’s NEW…

  • Transfer of patient record to new hospital.
  • MOPH follow up letter “Electronic filing of MOPH forms & billing for dialysis services using the registry”
  • Electronic submission of (MOPH) forms starting June 2012.

Activities and Outputs

  • Multi-specialty research program
  • National registry for Lebanon
  • Research involvement of Masters and PhD students from all universities
  • Public & published annual summary report of national data
  • Confidential annual report provided to individual centers
  • Publications & presentations

Our website is still under construction. Please bare with us as we improve it.