Multi-Specialty Research Program

The management of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) requires delicate clinical balancing of a number of issues: replacement of kidney function, mineral balance, anemia, major comorbidity and their complications such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease, and/or autoimmune disease. The multi-specialty research program, coordinated by the scientific committee, aims to stimulate research activity that encompasses these issues. Each member of the scientific committee coordinates the research activity of one of the eleven different specialty areas: Adequacy, anemia, comorbidity, cardiac disease, vascular access, osteodystrophy & mineral balance, transplant, outcomes & continuous quality improvement, early CKD, policy & reimbursement and disease education and public awareness. Funding for the research program will be sought from the National Council for Research in Lebanon, Arab & international research foundations and the private sector (pharmaceuticals and donations from businesses). The independent research group conducting the research program will assist investigators in write-up of protocols, funding efforts and study setup, conduct, analysis and publication. All nephrologists in Lebanon are encouraged to share their research ideas and interests with the scientific committee, to help them implement it. High profile studies may be planned with a multi-center design.

Research projects

  1. Projects in progress
  2. Planned projects

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National Kidney Registry for Lebanon

The registry will be the centerpiece of the research program, collecting data on key parameters that are important for the clinical management of CKD patients undergoing renal replacement therapy (RRT). During the first year of operation, the registry will focus on hemodialysis in adults. In the following two years, data on patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis, pediatric patients and transplant patients will be integrated into the registry. A future aim will be to include sub-registry modules for specific-cause CKD such as lupus nephritis, polycystic kidney disease, IgA nephropathy, hypernephroma… etc.

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Involvement of Masters and PhD students

The registry and multi-specialty research activity will provide a rich medium for the involvement of medical and graduate students at the seven medical schools in Lebanon. Many research topics may be suitable thesis material for PhD and Masters students. Graduate students will be encouraged to pursue their own research topics, and if they desire, may be assisted by members of the scientific committee. Efforts will be made to secure small-scale funding to assist students in their research projects.

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Contact us

Principle Investigator

Salim Kabalan, MD
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Operational Director

Hafez Elzein, MD, MS
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Research Coordinator

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