National Registry

The registry was established by the Lebanese Society of Nephrology & Hypertension (LSNH) with support from the Ministry of Public health (MOPH) and the Syndicate of Hospitals. Official letters were circulated to all hospitals with a dialysis facility explaining the purpose of the registry i.e. to obtain, analyze, and report on a complete national cohort (renal replacement therapy in Lebanon) and to stress on the importance of their participation.

  • Official Letters

The MOPH issued a letter asking dialysis centers to collaborate with the kidney registry by entering patients data. A similar endorsement was issued by the LSNH and the syndicate of hospitals.  

Please, click on the link below to view the 3 letters of the LSNH, MOPH & Syndicate:

Kidney Registry_Official_letters[pdf]

The Ministry of Health issued a follow up letter dated 1 November 2011 entitled “Electronic filing of MOPH forms & billing for dialysis services  using the registry”, please click below to view letter.


  • Consent Forms

1- The ethical issue concerning research is vital to maintain throughout the implementation of the registry it will be obligatory to obtain patient autonomous approval to participate by administering an informed consent as well as to seek permission from the independent review/ethical committee. The patient has the right to withhold consent from sharing their patient identifiable data with the Registry.The benefits to accrue from the data use should always outweigh any potential risks.

 All data received by the Registry on hemodialysis patients remain in the computerised database.The Registry staff adheres to the requirements of patients’ privacy with regard to the receipt, storage and transfer of information relating to patients. Every transfer of data to and from kidney registry is strictly controlled, and no transgression of confidentiality is tolerated or allowed.

 Main Informed Consent [MS-word-Arabic]

Main Informed Consent (PDF version)

 2- Patients transferring from one hospital to another can now transfer their file in the registry to the new hospital. The new hospital where the patient is dialyzing will then be able to read only the patient’s data at the previous facility but not make any changes to it. Also, patients who dialyze at a different facility during the summer months can have their data entered at that facility during that period.

If patient transfers to you from another hospital اذاانتقل المريض اليكم من مستشفى اّخر

1. Inform registry coordinator (03-345164 / 70-956591)  آبلغوا منسق السجل الوطني لامراض الكلى

2. Obtain patient consent to transfer file احصلوا على موافقة المريض الخطية لنقل ملفه

3. Transfers patient record to your facility ينقل المنسق ملف المريض الى مركزكم بعد تآكيد المعلومات

 Transfer Informed Consent [MS-word-Arabic]

Transfer Informed Consent (PDF version)

  • Unit Conversion Table

Should you require converting your laboratory values from one unit to another (mol/g), kindly, click here to access the unit conversion factor excel table.






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