Public & published annual summary report of national data

Data collected into the national kidney registry from all dialysis units in Lebanon will be summarized annually. Summary tables, graphs and information will be public and contained in a published annual report that will be distributed to all hospitals, nephrologists and local and international professional organizations, and posted on the registry website.

Confidential annual report provided to individual centers

Data from each dialysis unit will be summarized and provided to the unit management as a confidential report. The report will present the unit’s data in comparison to anonymous code-encrypted data of other centers. These reports will not be shared with anyone else such as the ministry of health or the Society of Nephrology. Each center can also have the data file of its own unit if they desire to perform own analysis of their data.

Publications & presentations

Data collected from various projects in the multi-specialty research program will be published in various formats: scientific articles, editorials and theses. Oral and poster presentations at local and international conferences will also be submitted, prepared and presented. The policy for authorship rights will be set by the Lebanese Society of Nephrology and Hypertension.

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Operational Director

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Research Coordinator

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