Research Program

Research Program:

The research program consists of two components: practice patterns and prevention / universal issues. Members of the scientific committee coordinate the specialty areas of the program. The diagram (click on link below) outlines the specialty-area research initiatives.

Research Program Diagram (MS-word)

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Research Projects:

Eight studies are in various stages of progress (see link below), and all of them are multi-center. The kidney disease research program (KDRP) is planned to engage nephrologists throughout the country in research projects, as well as graduate students, interns, residents and fellows at the seven medical schools.The research program and the registry are supported and managed by a research team consisting of a medical director, a statistician/programmer and research coordinators.The table below provides study titles, primary investigators, summary and status update:

Research Projects Table (MS-word)

Research Projects Table (PDF version)

Project 1: Management of Mineral and Bone Disorder among Hemodialysis (HD) Patients in Lebanon: Impacting Clinical, Quality of Life (QOL) and Cost Outcomes. 

Abstract : Mineral_Imbalance_and_Bone_Disorder_HD

Project 2: Minimizing Failures in Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF) In Hemodialysis (HD) patients in Lebanon.

Abstract:  Minimizing_Failures_in_Arteriovenous_Fistula

Contact us

Principle Investigator

Salim Kabalan, MD
Mobile Tel: +961-3848840

Operational Director

Hafez Elzein, MD, MS
Mobile Tel: +961-70956591

Research Coordinator

Elie El Haj, MS
Mobile Tel: +961-03345164

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