Vascular Access Study

Workshop Presentations:

To view the presentations of the AVF workshop held at the Lebanese Order of Physicians, kindly, click below:

DrNaoum- AccessComplications

DrHoballah- AV_Fistula_Overview&Maturation

DrSabbah- AVF NursingCare

DrsKabalan&Elzein- AVF StudyOverview

DrSerawan- Routine_Management_ofAVF

Forms & Instruments:

The data collection sheets that will be utilized to collect data pertinent to patients are listed below:

1- Surgeon Questionnaire


3- Study Enrollment History

4- AVF-Technical Parameters

Guidelines & References:

1. AVF-algorithm

2. AVF-cannulation

3. AVF-maturation protocol

4. Buttonholeprocedure

5. AVF-duplex

6. AVF-brochure

7. Management of complications

8. Monitoring-Venous-Stenosis



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Principle Investigator

Salim Kabalan, MD
Mobile Tel: +961-3848840

Operational Director

Hafez Elzein, MD, MS
Mobile Tel: +961-70956591

Research Coordinator

Elie El Haj, MS
Mobile Tel: +961-03345164

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